Sound engineering,

electroacoustic music

Thorolf has worked as a sound engineer for more than 12 years. Although he works with all styles of music, he has focused particular attention on catering to the needs of contemporary music and the challenges of amplifying acoustic instruments. 

As a result he has been responsible for the electroacoustic realisation of many classic and newly composed electroacoustic works, and has experience in reading and interpreting scores when required. He has also developed custom audio processing software and electronics for many of these projects

Thorolf is a member of the BIT20 ensemble and has realised many classic electroacoustic works with them. 

 "an extravagantly rich and ambitious piece of sound art, the near twenty-minute span containing a plethora of aural delights."  Composition Today in their review of Knut Vaage’s MultiMORF IV, sound engineer, live processing and software systems Thorolf Thuestad. 

"my experience of La fabbrica illuminata was deeply visceral and somewhat terrifying, perfectly matching Nono’s message in that piece. What could be more perfect?" Adam Fergler - The Sampler about Thorolf Thuestad and Siljer Aker Johnsens performance of Luigi Nono’s La Fabricca Illuminata.