Thorolf Thuestad





Korpus was premiered at Lydgalleriet, Østre, at the Borealis festival on March the 12th, 2015.

Korpus, for multichannel ambisonic speaker rig, pendulum speaker and two performers, observers the human body with its pain and pleasure, its breath and its blood. It is discordant and absurd, curious and untouchable. It has order and disorder. Presented in glorious 3d sound.

1: Korpus
2: The number five
3: Lung with chain
4: Once important but no longer important
5: Foliage

Alwynne Pritchard and Claudia Klasicka

hamlet machine

Neither Nor has collaborated with the French company Scènes Théâtre Cinéma on a production of Heiner Müller’s Die Hamletmaschine, which premiered at the Théâtre du Point du Jour, Lyon, on January 21st, 2016. Further shows took place 22nd, 23rd, 26th – 30th January and on 2nd – 6th February.

Directors: David Mambouch and Philippe Vincent.

Sound design/music: Neither Nor.

Scenography: Benjamin Lebreton.

Sound: Rodolphe Moreira.

Lights: Stéphane Rouaud.

Costumes: Cathy Ray.

Stage manager: Hubert Arnaud.

Assistant director: Mayalen Otondo.

With: Alwynne Pritchard, Thorolf Thuestad, Philippe Vincent, Anne Ferret and Camille Roy.

An index of collisions

The kinetic sculptures of An Index of Collisions at play during the exibithion at Lydgalleriet in Bergen.