Over the years, thorolf has had the pleasure to work with many wonderful artists. Here are a few of them.



Verdensteatret is a group artists from different fields who work together and make live-art and other art-related projects. They endeavour to use a collaborative process to deeply integrate different artistic disciplines into projects that bridge the gap between artistic disciplines. The experimental use of audiovisual technology in close dialogue with more traditional and historic tools of artistic expression, results in complex orchestral works or space-related musical compositions.

Today, Verdensteatret is one of the most innovative companies in Norway. Their works are widely presented internationally in different contexts and locations, such as art galleries, contemporary music festivals and theaters. They have developed a unique and complex audiovisual style, where sound spaces mingle with sculptural scenography and stories of the fragile human soul.

Knut vaage

Thorolf has had a long and fruitful cooperation with composer Knut Vaage, in which he has provided custom live processing and sound design for many of his compositions. These include Electra, the MultiMorf series, two full scale Operas: Veslefrikk and Khairos as well as Futurasjon for full symphonic orchestra. 


Neither Nor productions is a Bergen-based music-theater company led by Thorolf Thuestad and Alwynne Pritchard. Working from the premise of music as a cognitive process, a way of thinking, Neither Nor addresses means of making music-driven theater. Investigating causal relationships between music, language, the human body, stage action, mechanics, kinetics, electronics and environment, Neither Nor addresses and redefines the balance of power between music and the many social structures it inhabits.

Alwynne Pritchard

Alwynne Pritchard is a British artist, performer and composer based in Bergen, Norway. She is also the co-director and co-founder of Neither Nor productions. 

Being his partner in life as well as in art, they have many artistic endeavours both behind and in front of them. 


Thorolf has had a long co-operation with director Tore Vagn Lid and his company Transiteatret, working on twenty shows with them since 2003. In these he created innovative sound design, as well as working on the development of Vagn Lid´s "Visual radio-play" concept. He has also did provided engineering and music production. Transiteatret has as its core artistic ambition: "To expand the theater room as a critical room of experience where the musical and dramaturgical potential of theater is the most central." The work of Transiteatret is committed to a breed of music and theater that opens enables a critically experimental theater directed towards crucial questions as to what is at stake in contemporary society.


Ursus prodoctions

URSUS productions creates stage art between music and theater. 

Thorolf has worked on their productions Lohengrin and Tycho Brahe and looks forward to collaborating with them in future.