As a composer, he has created electronic and electroacoustic music, with some of his most recent projects including Korpusfor two performers, ambisonic speaker rig and pendulum speaker, and Try as he would, the memory was lost, for electric violin and electronics. He has also participated in many stage productions in which his work has straddled the border between sound design and music. Recent examples of this include Forbrent, with co-sound designer and composer Erik Hedin, and Hamlet Machine, a co-production between Neither Nor and Scènes-Théâtre-Cinémain which he created the music and sound design in collaboration with composer and performer Alwynne Pritchard. He also participated in this production as a stage performer. When working with Verdensteatret, sound and music is created as part a co-operative process involving all participating artists. 

As a composer and music producer, Thorolf has also created music for several short and feature films, sometimes working with composer Knut Vaage as half of the composition duo VATH. He has also created music for many dance shows, commercials and jingles, and has been active as an improvising musician. 

A more complete list of works and projects can be found in my CV.